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We are hosting our Annual C & P Swissy Swissy Fall Festival in November 2021! Go to our NEW EVENTS page to get all the information you want and need to attend! The Fall Festival Master Entry Form is here!

The Premium List for the Conformation shows can be found here!

Our current Board of Directors are:
Mary Jo Rasmussen – President
Jenna Starr – Vice President
Stephen Hewitt – Secretary
Michelle Charters -Treasurer
Tracy Brainard – Director
Phyllis Walker – Director
Nancy Kechner – Director
Martha Tubman – Director

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21 thoughts on “About Us

  1. My family lives in Hershey PA. We are interested in possibly purchasing a Swissy Dog. We would like to visit a local trusted Swissy breeder to learn more. Please direct us to a local breeder near Hershey PA.

    Thank you.

    Jon Sheppard

    • Hi Jon-
      There are several very good breeders in that area. Please check out our resources page for the breeder’s directory. I know that Seavaridge Swissys, Cabro Swissys, and Kismet Swissys are near the general area.

    • For Jon Sheppard
      I live in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and my husband and I are the proud owners of a Swissy named Toby. I am also the secretary of the Mid-Atlantic Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club which serves your area. Our breeder is Kismet Kennel in Birdsboro but all the recommended kennels have very high standards. If you wish to contact me, my email is jhecker@ptd.net.

  2. I have been trying to find the perfect dog breed for my lifestyle and Swissy’s seem to be perfect. I live near DC and am wondering if there is a breeder in the surrounding areas so i can visit with them and learn more. I want to be fully prepared for my swissy’s home coming.

    • Hi Sasha- There several very good Swissy breeders in the DC area. Please see our resources page for the GSMDCA breeder’s directory. Mary Jo Rasmussen of Double Q Swissys is in Falls Church and has litters periodically. She is also our club treasurer and the President of the National Swissy Club.

  3. Hi there! My family and I are interested in adopting an adult Swissy. I have been around the breed and fell in love. I know that some adults are out there that need a loving home and I would like to know if anyone knows of any? I am in PA , thank you ahead of time 🙂

    • Out of curiosity, is this female still available and in Florida? We have a 2 year old swissy and our looking for a companion for her. We were hoping for a male but would consider a female if it was the right fit. We also have a 13 month old daughter so she has to be good with kids like ours is.

  4. I am hoping for a Swissie puppy at Christmas time. I will be in the DC area and could meet with a breeder who thought he/she might have a litter ready then. Please contact me if you are expecting to have a litter. Thanks

  5. My fiance & I are looking for an adult Swissy to adopt. Our sweet Swissy boy passed away last fall & we are finally ready to welcome another into our home. We are in VA & willing to travel in the region. Do you know if there is an adult Swissy in the area that needs a loving home?

  6. My husband and are interested in purchasing a Swiss Mt. dog. Could you please direct me to a breeder in VA?
    Thank you

    Sabina Newton

  7. Hi:
    My daughter suddenly brought to the house a one year old Swiss Mountain Dog.
    I would like to know a trainer in my area. I live in Potomac Md.
    Also, I would like to know what kind of food is the best for him, since I notice that he has dandruff.
    If you have any suggestion how to prevent the dog to dig holes in the back yard will be great.
    In advance thanks for your support, and advise.

  8. cdnewsom369@outlook.com

    Hello. am a delegate to the NJ Federation of Dog Clubs. Neighbor, here in Bedminster, New Jersey, found a 40 lb. female, young?, swissie. Am waiting for a photo. Looking for a way to disseminate this lost dog to breeders in the Pa and NJ area. Dog with blue collar and a lead found today about noon. Is being housed locally. Area here was wide open farm land. Thank you for what you do!

  9. There are two Greater Swiss mountain dogs in the Fairfax County shelter in Virginia. I am the rescue chair for the Blue Ridge Bernese Mountain Dog Club in North Carolina and was given this information by one of our members. I’m trying to get ahold of someone but I can’t figure out how from your website so thought I’d leave this message.

    -C & P Swissy: We have contacted rescue for these 2 dogs…

  10. Hello!
    Are there any Swiss mountain dogs or Swiss/ Bernese mixes up for adoption around the DMV area. Any rescues? OR if necessary, reputable breeders?

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