Name: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America
Description: This is the official national club supporting the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog community. Here you will find a lot of information about the breed, articles, awards, breeders, guidelines, history, club info, membership, etc.

Name: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Rescue
Description: This is the official group for Swissys in need of rescue. They will find someone to gather, foster, and give a Swissy a home. If you find a Swissy in a shelter, on the street, or elsewhere, please contact them.

Name: Find a Swissy Breeder
Description: This is the breeder’s listing page from the National club site. Use this to find an experienced breeder in your area.

Name: Regional Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Clubs
Description: All the regional Swissy Clubs can be found here.

Want to do some activities with your Swissy? Here are some of our C & P human resources who can help you out!

Agility (titles link to the National Club descriptions)
Jan Collins (Central Maryland), Megan Westenmeyer (National Chairperson- Winchester, VA), Mary Jo Rasmussen (Washington DC)

Drafting (aka Carting)
Jim Rasmussen (National Chairperson), Mary Jo Rasmussen (Washington DC)

Laurie Carmody (Long Island, NY), Kelly Nevin (Amherst, MA), Megan Westenmeyer (Winchester,  VA)

Lure Coursing
Tracy Brainard (Raleigh, NC)

Pack Hike
Nancy Kechner (Charlottesville, VA), Laurie Carmody (Long Island, NY), Kelly Nevin (Amherst, MA)

Doreen Holly (Eastern PA), Jan Collins (Central Maryland), Megan Westenmeyer (Winchester,  VA)

Tracy Brainard (Raleigh, NC), Jim Rasmussen (Washington, DC), Megan Westenmeyer (Winchester,  VA)

 Weight Pull
Jenna Starr-Farling (National Chairperson-Maryland)


Other Resources


Cathy Cooper (AKC Judge-Martinsville, VA), Jessica Fournell-Ferrall (Chesapeake, VA), Megan Westenmeyer (Winchester,  VA), Mary Jo Rasmussen (Washington DC)

Conformation Junior Handling
Hanna Fournell-Ferrall (contact Jessica Fournell-Ferrall) and Merrill Hewitt (contact Stephen Hewitt)

Breeding Swissies

Cathy Cooper (Shadetree-Martinsville, VA), Colleen Robson (Nox-Culpeper, VA), Mary Jo Rasmussen (Double Q-Washington DC), Laurie Carmody (Matterhorn-Long Island, NY)

C & P Swissys in action

C & P Swissys in action